A whole new genre: Dessert Sake

Upending the notion that sake is best enjoyed paired with a meal, Amairo is the world’s first dessert sake. Sweet, tart and bursting with umami, Amairo is a flavor like no other, bringing complex notes that layer one over another in each velvety sip. Amairo is additionally a world apart in its production, utilizing the unique ruijo method to brew sake using sake for a dense and original flavor.

Sake ambrosia fit for dessert

With a gorgeous sweetness you’ll think was gifted from the Gods themselves, Amairo is rich and melt-in-your mouth. A dense sweetness is chased with layers on layers of complexity, achieved through natural fermentation. Amairo is truly sake ambrosia in a bottle.


Delightfully dense, perfectly sweet

Decadent and sweet, Amairo’s flavors are almost unlike sake at all. Distinct tartness bolsters and brings out Amairo’s sweet flavors for an experience that never gets old. Layers of complex flavor work in harmony in each sensational sip.


Rich and sweet, Amairo’s aromas recall honey and tantalize the senses with layers of complexity.


From the moment it touches the tongue, Amairo feels dense and profound. It spreads and coats the tongue like honey, bringing delightful sweetness with it.


Amairo gives a long-lasting finish; sweet, tart and replete with umami.


Amairo pairs perfectly with ice cream, strawberry sweets and desserts incorporating matcha. With main courses, pair with rich elements like white liver mousse and cream cheese.


Making sake... with sake: The ruijo method

The ruijo method brings new potential

While many methods exist in brewing sake, one of the more unique is replacing some of the shikomi-sui brewing water with existing sake. Known as the ruijo method, this technique achieves a deep, condensed sweetness and umami. Amairo utilizes this method, and additionally even more sake during distillation, for its novel flavor profile.

Tartness and umami developed by natural yeast

No yeast is added to Amairo during brewing, preserving an organic brewing method that harnesses nature itself to produce its own yeast and bring richness and complexity to every bottle.

A novel brewing method for unrivaled richness

At the end of the fermentation process, an amount of already brewed Amairo is added to each batch, fortifying the sake for additional richness. Using this method - similar to that of port wine - places Amairo in a novel category all its own: Dessert sake.

Brewing Partner

Miyoshino Sake Brewery

Founded in 1912, Miyoshino Brewery is housed in Yoshino City, Nara Prefecture, famed for its Yoshino cedar trees.
Uninfluenced by trends and newfangled sake theories, Miyoshino Brewery maintains deep ties with, and evolves alongside, the surrounding community - a brewery with its own identity.



Ambrosial Sake


Brewed and Bottled in Japan

¥15,950 (送料別)