Through flavor and aroma,
a new story begins, and echoes in us all.

A story to open the heart,
and bring us together.

To unite the world,
and celebrate the joy of living.

Fill your glass of life.

A Message from SAKE HUNDRED Brand Owner, Ryuji Ikoma

To Fill Hearts and Color your Life

The goal of SAKE HUNDRED is to provide the absolute best in the sake experience, to fill the hearts of drinkers everywhere and bring a new kind of joy to life. To fulfill that purpose, it’s necessary for we at SAKE HUNDRED to understand sake better than anyone, such that we can deliver on our promise of uncompromising quality.

Sake is a drink with a storied history, a deep culture and a bold spirit. It’s an array of rich and profound flavors achieved through fermentation technology not found elsewhere in the beverage world. It has the power to move and impress. We believe in sake’s boundless potential.

Fill your glass of life.

In accordance with our brand vision, we at SAKE HUNDRED pledge to bring the best to our customers and bring what goodness we can to the world in our own way. To fulfill this promise, we want to do more than simply deliver incredible flavors. Our goal is also to fill the hearts of our drinkers, to connect people and to deliver unforgettable experiences; to satisfy the body, and the spirit, and perhaps even change the future. These are the values SAKE HUNDRED strives to deliver.

Now, the world around us is in constant flux. In such a world, many of us will experience broken connections and missed opportunities. Through sake, however, in our own way, we at SAKE HUNDRED envision a future in which people of different worlds and walks of life come together through moving experiences.

SAKE HUNDRED’s ultimate objective is to enrich the world through sake, and I am confident we can achieve it. By delivering the best sake experience, we hope to fill our customers’ hearts, and bring joy to lives everywhere.


Our Pledge

In our quest to bring you the best possible sake experience, we pledge.

1. To Quality

To deliver only the highest quality sake,
made to the highest standards.

Each SAKE HUNDRED label is all-original and brewed in partnership with the world’s most inspiring breweries, with the best available brewing technology. Now and forever, we strive for the highest, most uncompromising quality, innovative concepts and unrivaled flavors.

Additionally, we store and deliver products to our customers under strict quality control standards.

2. To Move You

To bring not only uncompromising flavor,
but to fill the heart and move the spirit.

The greatest sake experiences are about more than just great flavors. We strive to make SAKE HUNDRED an experience that brings joy. We believe this is the true value of great sake.

Through a refined and elegant design and uncompromising service, SAKE HUNDRED brings new elements to the world of sake that make for a truly moving experience.

3. To the Future

To expand the sake industry
into a new era.

SAKE HUNDRED was born from our love of sake, and we hold its rich history and culture in deep regard. Rather than simply pursuing profit, we aim to expand the influence of sake and ensure that the entire industry benefits from a brighter future.

By delivering the best sake to consumers across the globe, we strive to fulfill our duty to advance the sake industry as a whole.