Three Exclusive Hotels Serve Satisfaction with SAKE HUNDRED

SAKE HUNDRED prides itself on partnering with some of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants to serve up great sake and great experiences in luxurious settings. 

Three such venues in and around Tokyo have earned the spotlight this time with their stunning views, dedication to customer service and world-renowned cuisine.

Atami Fufu Hotel - Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Fufu operates a number of small luxury resorts dotted throughout Japan. Among these extravagant getaways, Atami Fufu Hotel stands out. A hidden gem on the picturesque Atami coastline, the resort features private outdoor hot baths for every room, combining the devoted customer service of a Japanese inn with the privacy of a luxury hotel.
Within the resort grounds, guests can enjoy SAKE HUNDRED at the Konoma No Tsuki villa area, newly opened in April 2021. Each of the villa’s six guestrooms comes equipped with, a private garden terrace, providing an intimate luxury experience like no other.

Fufu Atami Hotel Senior Manager Nozomi Yagi

On the decision to offer SAKE HUNDRED at Fufu Atami Hotel, the hotel’s senior manager, Ms. Nozomi Yagi, says, “We have been serving Japanese banquet style cuisine and teppanyaki for some time now. Recently, we’ve moved into offering sushi. We believe it’s important to offer not only high quality food, but to take new and interesting approaches to classic Japanese service culture. We began offering SAKE HUNDRED as we felt their approach complemented our own.



Suiren Japanese Cuisine, The Capital Hotel Tokyo

The Hie Shrine in downtown Tokyo is said to be the home of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s guardian deity and was formerly host to one of Japan’s historical “Three Great Festivals.” The shrine attracts countless visitors every year and is a tranquil respite from the bustle of city life.

Located just next to this sacred shrine, The Capital Hotel Tokyo carves out its own place in history, with its stunning facade and lobby designed by legendary Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

Within the main dining room, Suiren, SAKE HUNDRED is served alongside expertly crafted Japanese cuisine. Here, guests can find innovative interpretations of the traditional Japanese kaiseki banquet meal, as well as tempura, teppanyaki and more.

Suiren Head Chef Minoru Tsuge

”SAKE HUNDRED’s Byakko has a crystal clear appearance and a fruity flavor profile,” says Suiren Head Chef Minoru Tsuge.

“It features notes of white peach, pear and floral flavors that drift pleasantly across the palate. It synergies with a wide range of dishes and sparks curiosity. It pairs well with sashimi at lower temperatures, and with fish, grilled abalone and such at 15 degrees or so.”

“It’s very good with tempura,” Tsuge concludes. “With seasonal ingredients and just the right balance of salt, it gently evokes the time of year.”



Japanese Cuisine Konohana, Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers

Part of the Marriott Group, the Yokohama Bay Sheraton is a 28-story, 348-room tower complex that forms part of the famous Yokohama Bay skyline.

The hotel’s flagship Japanese cuisine restaurant, Konohana, delights guests with both authentic Japanese cooking, including sushi and tempura, and a breathtaking view of the restaurant’s meticulously-kept Japanese garden.

Along with the delicious cuisine and serene atmosphere, guests here can also enjoy SAKE HUNDRED.

Konohana Head Chef Masami Tomita

“We at Konohana feel that SAKE HUNDRED’s is very much in line with our own,” says Head Chef Masami Tomita.

“It’s a good match for the cuisine we make here, which we believe expresses the essence of harmony. We expect our clientele will also enjoy the unique marriage of flavors offered by SAKE HUNDRED.”



Fill Your Heart with the Extraordinary

SAKE HUNDRED’s goal remains “To Fill Your Heart, and Color Your Life.”

It strives to be more than just a drink, but an essential part of life’s great moments that bridges the gap between flavor, atmosphere and the people you enjoy them with.

The three venues introduced above provide great food, sublime settings, and impeccable service in spades. All that’s left is to raise your glass of SAKE HUNDRED and enjoy the moment.