Celebrating the richness of life with sake

The ethos of SAKE HUNDRED has long been to “fill your heart, and color your life” by delivering enriching experiences through the joy of sake.

The coronavirus pandemic complicates this objective and for many has called into question the value of life’s frivolities, sake included. But SAKE HUNDRED pledges to carry on in these uncertain times.

This is because we truly believe in the power of sake to enrich lives, even — perhaps especially — during times of adversity. To restate our commitment to bringing joy through sake, we broadcast this message through a recent advertisement in Japan’s Nikkei and Yomiuri Shimbun morning newspapers.

Speaking up for sake and those who love it

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the sake industry has been thrust into a perilous position. In Japan, where the vast majority of the world’s sake brewers operate, the government has declared numerous states of emergency banning or restricting the sale of alcohol in public establishments. In addition to having an unavoidable cooling effect on the sake industry, it’s made sake harder to enjoy at bars and restaurants, negatively impacting sake drinkers too.

SAKE HUNDRED feels a deep sense of obligation towards the sake makers who now face increasing uncertainty and possibly even the loss of their livelihoods. As a sake brand that exists to enrich lives and lift up the sake industry, we felt it essential to speak out in support of sake, sake fans and sake makers with a message of inspiration and positivity.

With a call to “open a bottle to life,” the message SAKE HUNDRED released in the Nikkei and Yomiuri papers represents looking forward, overcoming, and coming together to support and encourage each other.

The graduated red background of the advertisement itself is intended to represent the deep, rich glow of morning breaking through the darkness of night.

A better future awaits. For sake makers, sake drinkers, and the rest of the sake world, join us in opening a bottle to life.