SAKE HUNDRED Stars in One-Night-Only Pairing Event at The Peninsula Tokyo

SAKE HUNDRED tasting events are rare and prestigious occasions. The luxury sake brand features in closed tasting events periodically held at some of the most exclusive restaurants and renowned hotels in Japan.

These events offer the expected quality of SAKE HUNDRED’s exclusive offerings alongside one-of-a-kind dishes unique to the hosting hotels and restaurants.

The first of these events since SAKE HUNDRED’s 2020 rebranding took place at the dazzling Sky Room at The Peninsula Tokyo, located near the increasingly trendy Marunouchi District of the Japanese capital. There, amongst the hip, modern decor of the Sky Room and overlooking breathtaking vistas of the endless twinkling lights of Tokyo, guests sampled SAKE HUNDRED’s entire lineup paired with incredible dishes devised specifically for the occasion.

Peninsula Tokyo’s head banquet chef, Yuya Watanabe, who helmed the night’s menu design, says, “This was my first time creating a pairing menu for sake, but my approach was simple: The best dishes for the best sake.”

And the result was something to behold. Guests agreed Watanabe succeeded in creating a surprising and delightful array of dishes leveraging seasonal ingredients.

Prior to guests digging in, SAKE HUNDRED brand owner Ryuji Ikoma also presented a short statement to kick off the event, saying, “Much of our business occurs online, so we cherish opportunities like this to meet SAKE HUNDRED fans in person. The coronavirus situation also put events like this on hold for a time, but we are extremely excited for this opportunity to present the best sake available, paired with expertly crafted dishes.”

The Pairing Menu

Served at the event were all of SAKE HUNDRED’s distinguished sake labels — Byakko, Shirin, Amairo, Gengai and an as-yet-unannounced fifth beverage — alongside five exclusive pairings purpose built to showcase each drink’s unique flavors.
Note: Byakko is currently sold out in some markets. Special stock was made available exclusively for this event.

Dish 1: Byakko 5℃ with Shinshu salmon gravlax, La France and rucola

Byakko’s sweetness is bolstered by the savory umami of salmon. The bitterness and crunch of radish lend a pleasant accent to a dish that seamlessly blends its ingredients’ flavors with those of the paired sake.

Dish 2: Shirin 5℃ with snow crab and uni sea urchin grilled eggplant farcie and fuji apple

The smoky aroma of grilled eggplant accentuates the deep umami of snow crab and uni, all of which pair perfectly with the velvety mouthfeel of Shirin, elevating each element in perfect harmony. The addition of fuji apples rounds off this pairing with flavors that complement Shirin’s delicate ginjo aroma.

Dish 3: Amairo 15℃ with red bream and matsutake mushroom frite and Japanese Béarnaise

This fried delicacy of seasonal kinmedai red bream and matsutake exudes sweetness and umami, with a sip of Amairo bringing additional sweetness for a multilayered flavor. Japanese-style Béarnaise ties the flavors of ingredients and sake together and brings a lingering and elegant finish.

Dish 4: Foie gras poire and porcini velouté with hazelnut crumble pairs perfectly with SAKE HUNDRED’s newest sake

A pairing to heighten the luxurious afternotes of dish and drink. The sweet, umami-packed flavors of this secretive new sake intermingle with decadent foie gras for a rich finish that lingers and spreads.

Dish 5: Gengai 15℃ with grilled local beef and black garlic purée

Aroma and flavor become one with this pairing. The experience is truly completed when Gengai is enjoyed in the same mouthful as the delicate grilled beef, with black garlic and Madeira sauce lending the finishing touch. This dish’s rich sauce shares with Gengai a delicate and complex balance of savory, sweet, bitter and umami, combining for a truly multifaceted and one-of-a-kind flavor.

More Events on the Way

Sake’s true luxury value is revealed with the ideal food pairing. SAKE HUNDRED is hard at work planning more events featuring star sommeliers and chefs at top-rated hotels and restaurants in the future. We hope you’ll join us!