SAKE HUNDRED: Fill your glass of life

To help us further spread the gospel of sake far and wide, we’re shaking things up with a complete rebranding of our signature sake line. What was once SAKE100 is now SAKE HUNDRED, and with this seemingly subtle change in name comes a new logo and label designs, a brand new website, exciting new sake offerings and new sales prices that all reflect our commitment to bringing the best of sake to consumers the world over.

We’re also making our values as a brand — and as sake enthusiasts — clearer with a new brand statement:

SAKE HUNDRED strives to offer the most fulfilling sake experience available on the market today, bringing satisfaction to our customers with the greatest flavors and aromas, representing the pinnacle of sake craftsmanship.

But it’s more than that.

Great sake fills the heart and satisfies the spirit. It brings people together, strengthens bonds and makes life that much more fulfilling. This is what SAKE HUNDRED represents.

Alongside our updated brand statement comes our brand purpose. This is SAKE HUNDRED’s pledge to our consumers, and to the sake world at large. At the core of this pledge is a simple promise: To fill your heart, and color your life. 

Rebranding or no, we will also continue to work tirelessly toward satisfying the promise that drives the SAKE HUNDRED brand: To deliver sake that “shines for 100 years.” To achieve this, we at SAKE HUNDRED have devoted our lives to learning all there is to know about sake. We’ve visited hundreds of breweries and sat down for tastings of many countless sake labels, all to inform exciting new concepts, help us develop unrivaled flavors, and create the world’s best sake together with some of the most esteemed sake breweries in Japan.

When it comes to flavor, aroma and the drinking experience, a bottle of SAKE HUNDRED is the epitome of the sake ideal, down to the most minute detail.

Over our years of seeking to deliver a grand sake experience, though, we came to realize that to truly fill the heart and bring joy to our consumers’ lives, we must offer more than just unparalleled flavor and aroma.

The practical matter of delivering delicious sake is a given. But there are many contexts throughout the world in which sake is enjoyed. Sake is meant for celebrations, anniversaries, achievements, quiet dinners with loved ones and so much more. The greatest sake will enhance these moments and make them unforgettable.

With our new brand vision, this is what SAKE HUNDRED promises:

To fill your heart, and color your life.

The makers of SAKE HUNDRED are pursuing sake perfection with renewed confidence and vigor. SAKE HUNDRED is not only an embodiment of sake perfection, it’s an ethos that seeks to revitalize the world of sake and light the way to a brighter future for our industry. It’s a pledge to fill your glass of life — to fill the hearts and color the lives of sake drinkers everywhere.

We hope you’ll join us as we lead the way forward from this new and exciting starting point.